Whats a good theme-party theme?!

Question: Whats a good theme-party theme?
Something that doesn't take too much effort/preparation, and that isn't a toga theme.


A good theme is something not too fancy. Lots of men (and even women) don't want to dress up fancy. I would do something like Hawaiian, mostly anything that involves delicious food and not wearing anything too fancy! Another good theme is Underwater! Seafood, and on the beach! Sounds perfect to me!

Hmmm, I always wanted to dress like victorian era nobels for a party, or knights and queens, or the roaring 20s era. Just think of something you like and make it the theme, even if its silly as dressing up like famous rulers or criminals.....

a pajama party is a wonderful way to have a chill party, and for appetizers, they can all be messy finger food !

90's cartoon party. It's always fun to relive your childhood, whilst getting wasted as an adult. Makes for a very fun night

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