Birthday Party, Deposits and Bills?!

Question: Birthday Party, Deposits and Bills?
I am throwing a birthday party soon and have been told that there is a minimum spend of £20 per person on food and also a non-refundable deposit of £10 required per person. How do I relay this to the guests?

Do I ask for the deposit before the event as I don't want people saying they are coming, then don't come and I lose the money deposited.

And apart from that should I tell them there is a minimum spend of £20 for food before the day or on the day?


It would certainly be advisable to give the guests all the facts well in advance of the party which includes collecting the deposits in advance of paying it.and the 20 pound minimum. Your guests should have been informed that were paying for themselves at the time they were invited.

If you are throwing the party shouldn't you be paying for it? Not usual to invite people to a party and then tell them they have got to pay! Yes you must tell them about the deposit and the £20 minimum spend before hand you might then find a lot of them have prior engagements!


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