*?EASY QUESTION!! Should I have a big birthday party or a small one?!

Question: *?EASY QUESTION!! Should I have a big birthday party or a small one?
Small as in : 6 girls (including me)
Somewhat big as in: 14 girls (including me)

I dont know which. If I have a small birthday I will be inviting my 5 best friends. If I have a big one, I will be almost all my friends. Keep in mind im 12 (so thats why Im not inviting my guy friends, id find it too awkward).

If I have a small birthday, we will go in my car and go to this really good resturant, then go home and hang out and play games and water balloon fights.
If I have a big birthday, we will hang out at my place, have a catch the flag game,water balloons, and ill eventually find some other big things to do (maybe a survivor themed party?)

Which birthday should I have? Big or small? I either invite all my friends or just my best friends,so please don't say have a medium birthday with 6-8 girls. Thanks!


Big Birthday Party.
Capture the game is always fun.
You will bond with your friends, you don't know, maybe you will become best friends after the party!
Im 12 too, so I know its like with guy friends, your right kind of awkward...>.> Haha.

I think small. Because if you do small this year, you'll get a big one for your Sweet Thirteen!


the more the merrier; big!

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