How to have a tiffany and co. themed party?!

Question: How to have a tiffany and co. themed party?
Ok heres the deal:
My birthday is sort of kind of REALLY coming up soon and i wanna have a party with about like 8 girl friends (no boys allowed this time, hehe) and since my birthday is on a wednesday im going to have it on the saturday after. I dont have anything Tiffany but since my real date of birth is before my party, im going to ask for something tiffany. I also know how to make tiffany boxes and bags out of polymer clay. But that's it, oh and please dont say anytihng like alchoholic or smoke or all that, were not old enough yet.I want to know what food we should get, activities, party favors etc. kthanksbye


If you're thinking of doing something like "Breakfast at Tiffany's" like the movie.....
Get some posters off websites....just google for them. Play the song "Moon River"
Set your table like a Tiffany with white table runners as the "ribbon" effect (can always find cheap material at stores, cut with pinking sheers, no need to hem)
Have white balloons with blue ribbons....spray balloons with silver sparkle glitter
Have a cute blue eye mask with fake eyelashes glued to the eye mask on the inside of the mask for a decoration.
Find whatever large glass container you can and fill it with silver shredded paper, have faux pearls draping over the edges, place Tiffany boxes inside for a centerpiece. Light white candles.

scattered on the tables... put black gloves, tiaras, gem key chains, a small lip stick holder, a small black handbag, and a strand of pearls. Give out the tiaras to the guests to wear and keep!

Get some of those fake silver party trays....serve small finger foods...can be anything easy like taking a cookie cutter and cutting breads and fill with egg salad, chicken salad...or even using small dinner rolls and filling them and putting a fancy party pick through it.

Here's an easy petite four recipe (small brownie sandwiches with cool whip and candy flower)>>…

even something as simple as decorating juicy strawberries and "dressing" them up in tuxedos is a nice's a link: (I think these are very classy looking ;)>>Tuxedo Strawberries…

You can make deviled eggs to serve and other easy to eat foods and snacks...even cheese and crackers with a dip.

Make a signature drink ...a mocktail, and serve in martini glass (party store sells plastic ones)..can also serve sparkling juice.

Here's a site with all kinds of containers for Tiffany:…
can always fill with blue and white candies....can even get specially made M&Ms with your name, etc.

Gift Bag in the Tiffany Blue color, containing black sunglasses, costume jewelry, or a cute cocktail glass.

A copy of the movie or book for each guest

If you play the movie and everyone watches>>do a trivia game after it to see who remembers the most.

- diamonds are FOREVER
- get a tiffany&co cake
- blue food
-loose pearls
-Tiffany Blue" tempera paint
- wear only blue

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