What is a dinner party? a what time does it start?!

Question: What is a dinner party? a what time does it start?
What is the earliest time to have a dinner party. I want to have a bday party but I want everything to look like a dinner party, what kind of food is usually served. and what kind of drinks. wine and champaigne?


A dinner party normally involves a sit down meal and can have more than one course. Any type of food can be served. If you know your guests, it can be more beneficial to pick something you know they will like - or stick to something simple that is usually a crowd pleaser and won't keep you in the kitchen for ages.

A start time is up to you but I wouldn't start any earlier than 6.30pm.

What drinks to serve depends on your guests - dinner parties usually involve a lot of hosting work and effort to "please your guests". If you know your guests aren't wine or champagne drinkers, don't waste your money serving it! If you're unsure of what your guests drinks, have a variety on hand - wine, champagne, beer, soda, juice & water.

Some good dinner party menus include:

- Ceaser salad
- Prawn cocktail
- Caramelised onion & cheese tarts
- Mini quiches
- Cheese souffle
- Lamb koftas
- Mezze plates
- Any type of soup
- Stuffed mushrooms
- Stuffed tomatoes
- Pate and toasts

- Lasagna
- Lamb shanks
- Lamb chops
- Roast pork, lamb or chicken (& sides to accompany)
- Any type of pasta dish (serve with bread)
- Curries
- Stuffed chicken breast

Basically any type of meal you would eat at home (cooked well and presented nicely)

- Cheesecake
- Pavolva
- Pudding
- Tirimasu
- Pie
- Mousse
- Fondue

The options for food are endless. It's always a bonus if you go the extra mile by making as much as you can from scratch - ie: home made bread to accompany the starter or main, your own marinades for meat or fish, your own ice-cream or sorbet to accompany the dessert etc.


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