What kinds of foods and drinks should you serve at a surprise birthday party?!

Question: What kinds of foods and drinks should you serve at a surprise birthday party?

Whatever you want to serve! A lot depends upon the time of day. (If the party will overlap a meal time. people will expect a meal) and how many guests you expect.

It's easier to serve a full meal than to fuss over a myriad of appetizer foods.

You should always serve the type of food and drinks the person who you are throwing the party for would like!

What would be the point of having a party for someone if you are going to serve stuff that person doesn't like?

Asking this question makes me think you are having this party for yourselves, and using the birthday person as an excuse to have a party.

If the party is really for the person with the birthday, then this question would never have to be asked.

Light finger food. Celery, capsicum, turkish bread and dukkah, Good olive oil for dipping.
Organic tomatoes and bocconcini with basil and a good olive oil.

That wholly depends on the food and drink that the guest of honor and guests like, the time of day, and your budget

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