Birthday party scavenger hunt??? :)?!

Question: Birthday party scavenger hunt??? :)?
I am sixteen years old and I wanted to have a big scavenger with me and about 15 friends. There will be three teams of five and the reward for whoever finds the most items is five dollars per person. I need about 50 items in the list and I need as many ideas for things to find as possible any ideas will be helpful :) thank you!!


Look at these websites, they are very helpful when you plan a birthday party. Hope you have a great party!!

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Hm....Well, maybe you can put out objects that give you hints to where another might be hidden? or you could attach a note to it with a small clue. For example, if they find a dog bone, it will give them a clue to go to your dog bed or something. Give each team a checklist of all of the items and they can check off the ones they found.

i like hayli's idea

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