Any tips on preparing for an assesment based on completing tasks to get a bar job?!

Question: Any tips on preparing for an assesment based on completing tasks to get a bar job?
I might get a job working in a club at the bar, and I have to go in for a two hour session in which they assess you based on your performance in tasks. I don't know what this will entail but I have no experience and really want the job. Any tips on how I can prepare so I can perform decently? Thank you!


make sure you have a pen and a small note book for notes
eat well before you go
and dont be afraid to ask

right the performance part doesnt matter much if you have never worked behind a bar before

it will probably be they will show you round the bar
then show you how to serve a few common drinks and how to work the till
then do some role playing and see how you get on

you need to be confident when asking questions and take all the guidance you can
everything else will come with practice training and some ten hour shifts behind the bar

and if nothing else go in for a drink one night and get chatting to the staff who work there watch what they do where they get drinks from and how they work so you have a better idea of how it all works

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