Fun Drinking games at a 16th party?!

Question: Fun Drinking games at a 16th party?
what are some fun things to do at my friends 16th birthday party.
we are going to blow up condoms and have glow in the dark paint everywhere and we are going to have glow stick. we want it to be an unforgettable night , got any ideas on fun games ?
preferably drinking games ;D


Have evryone go around in a circle confessing something they did. If someone did what that person confessed has to take a drink or a shot

Body shots. Seriously, do them. They're fun.

What I like to do, is mix two fun things together. Get a bunch of boys and girls. Do spin the bottle, but at the same time, turn off the lights, and get a machine that flickers white lights every other second so it looks like a rave. That'll be like hooking up in a rave.

Get some lime, salt, and pisco/tequila.

Beer pong is elementary, but it's still fun.

I hope you have fun.

If the legal drinking age is 18 and the party is for a 16 year old then why are you drinking?You are not of age yet less I just do math differently than you.

wait, isnt the drinking legal age 21? LOL OMFG u guys are bad.

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