teenage sleepover activities? *ten points*?!

Question: Teenage sleepover activities? *ten points*?
I`m having a sleepover party tomorrow night. there will be 6 girls (that includes me) sleeping over and im not sure what all we can do! i know for sure i want to do blindfolded makeovers! Please make as long as a list as you can full of sleepover activities!


I have the same trouble, coming up with things to do for my sleepovers.

Here are a few ideas:
-painting nails
-ice cream topping bar
-board games
-pingpong/airhockey table (if you have one)
-decorate a jewelry box
-pillow fights
-fashion show (dress up in cute outfits and walk down a red carpet)
-truth or dare
-scavenger hunt (hide candy or prizes around the house and write clues to guide people to them)
-make jewelry

Hope this helps! Have fun at your party(:

1. Watch a movie with popcorn.
2.Play truth or dare.
3.Prank calls!
4.Listen to music.
6.Blindfold makeovers.
7.Hair makeovers.
9.Play bored games(apples to apples,mad gab monopoly.)
10.Singing contest
11.Exchange things.
12.Play the dice game (with prizes)
13.Paint fingernails and toe nails.
14.Mess around on the computer
15.First person who sleeps gets a C R A Z Y makeover!!!!!

Hope I helped!!! And have fun at you sleepover party!


I am 15 and here are some ideas:
1. Scary movie and popcorn
2. Pillow Fight
3. Hair makeover (not pretty, but funny)
4. Mayo in the hair and rinse out for softness
5. Exchange things you don't want anymore. (Great way to get a new wardrobe!)
6.Talk about guys and call them up and use a fake voice.
7. Watch Degrassi
8. Listen to music
9. Play Apples to Apples an epic game!
10. Have an ice cream buffet with tons of options
Hopes this helps!

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