Any firsthand ideas for quick things to do and places to go for a light supper in the...?!

Question: Any firsthand ideas for quick things to do and places to go for a light supper in the...?
...Harper's Ferry, Virginia, area?
We're going to be passing through (heading north) but will have a little time. We like outdoors, natural history, and history. Firsthand recommendations only, please.


Anyone in the tourist attraction part of town can direct you to it. There is also a diner-type restaurant (where I used to work) called the Cindy-Dee Diner. It is on rte 340 west about 10 minutes away. Very quaint and indicative of the locals. Look for it on the right as soon as you cross the bridge into Maryland.

If you continue West, you will come to Knoxville. You go toward Knoxville around a huge curve in the road to the left. Above you to the left is a cliff, and on your right the canal, the railroad tracks, and the Potomac river. The canal used to go from DC to Ohio, I believe, and has some history to it. The towpath makes nice walking or biking. Right before the curve is a road to the left and a place to pull off and hike to the top of the cliff. I think the name of the cliff is Weaverton cliff. If you take rte 67 to the left close to the cliff, you will come onto Rte 40 between Hagerstown and Frederick.

Go left on rte 40 and you will come to Boonesboro. Anyone there can direct you to the Antietam Battlefield and the Crystal Caverns. On the way to these sites, you will pass the Keedysville Motel, a very rustic and quaint motel and restaurant. They are known locally for their very good cheeseburgers. You will go through Sharpsburg to get to parts of the battlefield, and I am sure there are good places there, but you said only first hand and I never ate there.

If you go right on Rte 40, you will come to Braddock Heights. In the old days, Braddock Heights was the summer home of many of the wealthy people in DC. The homes are gorgeous and the town has the oldest wooden skating rink in the United States, or at least that is what they say.

I haven’t been back to that area in around 5 years, but it should all still be there. Good luck.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0 of 5 stars
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: # 1 of 5 attractions in Harpers Ferry

Large national park stretching 2,300 acres across 3 states.
Attraction type: Historic site; National park

Traveler Reviews:

* Oct 14, 2007 "A place everyone can enjoy!"
* Aug 23, 2006 "Amazing views, well worth the hike."
* Jul 3, 2006 "What a waste of time"

http://www. tripadvisor .com/ Attraction_Review-g60722-d143167-Reviews… .html

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: # 2 of 5 attractions in Harpers Ferry

Very long hiking trail spanning over 2,100 miles and 14 states.
Attraction type: Trail

http://www. tripadvisor .com/ Attraction_Review-g60722-d132627-Reviews… .html

Secret Six Tavern
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: # 3 of 5 attractions in Harpers Ferry
Attraction type: Bar/club

Traveler Reviews:

* Jan 30, 2008 "Really spooky."
* Oct 20, 2007 "great food and servise"
* May 5, 2007 "very good"

http://www. tripadvisor .com/ Attraction_Review-g60722-d630540-Reviews… .html

John Brown Wax Museum
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating: 4.0 of 5 stars
TripAdvisor Popularity Index: # 4 of 5 attractions in Harpers Ferry

The museum tells the life story of abolitionist John Brown, from his youth to his death on the gallows.
Attraction type: History museum; Specialty museum

Traveler Reviews:

* Jul 4, 2005 "Why Pay For Free"
* Mar 26, 2005 "John Brown Wax Museum Unforgettable 1960's Feel"
* Sep 11, 2004 "Wax Museum OVER RATED!"

http://www. tripadvisor .com/ Attraction_Review-g60722-d116992-Reviews… .html

Appalachian Trail Conference Headquarters

The 'psychological half- way point' on the Appalachaian Trail: rest up, share your adventures, and eat lots of ice cream.
Attraction type: Convention center

http://www. tripadvisor .com/ Attraction_Review-g60722-d145779-Reviews… .html…

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