What should I do for my 19th birthday?!

Question: What should I do for my 19th birthday?
I'm a college freshman. I'm into partying, but nothing too crazy. I don't have too much money to spend. My bday is on a Friday! :)
I have yet to make a GROUP of girlfriends. I'm made numerous friends, but none of them know each other lol.
So any ideas?


What about having a girl's night? A slumber party?

Invite all your friends at home for an overnight slumber party. It would be more fun if you'll invite you're girlfriends. This is the best time for you to get to know each other.

Prepare movies to watch. Something like so Sucker Punch? Mean Girls. I actually don't know any but I hope you get what I mean.

Prepare queery cards to. Ask fishy and juicy questions to them. This is like a sort of a game. If they didn't want to answer the question, they'll get punished.

About the foods? Snacks, juices, pop corns, soda, juices and the like. This event isn't meticulous with the food you wanted to it.

Hope I'd helped. Advance happy birthday. :]

Congratulation for your coming birthday :)

Well I have a fantastic idea for you which would not be expensive too. You can bake Birthday cake by yourself and can make your friends happy, It would be great surprise for your friends :)

I am sharing easiest cake recipe, you can multiply ingredients by number of your friends.

1/4 c Butter or margarine

3/4 c Sugar

1 Egg, slightly beaten

1 1/2 c Sifted flour

2 ts Baking powder

1/2 ts Salt

1/2 c Milk

1/2 c Sugar

1 1/2 ts Cinnamon

1. Grease an 8-inch, heat-resistant, non-metallic cake pan.

2. Preheat a conventional broiler.

3. Cream butter and the 3/4 cup sugar together in a large bowl until

fluffy. Beat in egg. 4. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt together.

5. Add flour mixture and milk to the sugar mixture alternately, beginning

and ending with flour mixture. 6. Pour into prepared cake pan. Spread evenly. Combine the 1/2 cup sugar

and cinnamon in a small bowl and sprinkle over the batter. 7. Heat, uncovered, in Microwave Oven 6 minutes.

8. Insert a wooden toothpick to test for doneness.

9. Place cake in a conventional oven 4 inches away from heating element of

the broiler unit for a few minutes or until topping is browned.


Gather some male friends and try having them do a ******* *** facial on you.

Try pizza, Cold drinks and lots of music. This will go amazing. congrats for your birthday.

have a cook out, and eat in, and carry in food..or pizza's

get a keg of natty ice and some fish filets from McDonald's since its lent

go to a movie and a nice dinner

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