Girl Scout Cookie Question?!

Question: Girl Scout Cookie Question?
A girl scout troop sold cookies. If the girls sold 5 more boxes the second week than they did the first, and if they doubled the sales of the second week for the third week to sell a total of 431 boxes of cookies, how many did they sell each week?


1. = 1x
2. = 1x+5 boxes
3. = (1x+5 boxes)*2= 2x+10 boxes

431-(5+2*5)= 416 cookies
416/4= 104 boxes

1. = 104 boxes
2. = 109 boxes
3. = 218 boxes :)
you're welcome :)

You have to divide the number of boxes to figure out the answer.

girl scout

Divide the boxes by the number of weeks to get your answer

im not doin your lil 5th grade level homework for you lol i just want points [;

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