Any ideas for prizes at my baby shower?!

Question: Any ideas for prizes at my baby shower?
I am having a Candyland themed baby shower and I don't know what to get for the prizes.

It is a jack and jill so the problem im having is what kind of prizes to get the guys?

I have found Jolly Rancher candles that I think is great for the girls but I need something I can give to the men.

Anybody have any ideas?


Get some cut glasses - even the clear disposable champagne ones and put a bunch of candy in them and wrap with cellophane....most guys like candy....

Good luck.

I like attending showers they are nice everyone is happy...but I hate hate hate games at these things and will not participate, I think that they are tacky and foolish, but that is just my personal opinion. My suggestion would be to ditch the games just have a nice time, eat socialize....

Go check this site:

I found it very useful. It has many ideas and options


Leave this up to the host/hostess.

Get them buckets;p
Get them...shovels?
Shot glasses?

ball caps, money clips,

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