Ideas for fingerfoods?!

Question: Ideas for fingerfoods?
Every month the women in town get together to play Bunco. We all bring a finger food type of appetizer. Any fun but easy ideas?


I always make these crescent roll can fill them with toppings, chicken and broccoli and swiss cheese...anything works.…

Are you tired of just throwing a bowl of chips and salsa on the table for your parties?
Let Finger Food Recipes help you with some quick finger food and easy party appetizers to turn a basic party into an event to remember.

Are you impressed when you go to a party or family gathering and see the wonderful variety of food to snack on and wonder how they did it?
Or how they found the time!
Time Saving Recipes

After working a 60 hour week it's hard enough just getting dinner on the table.
So we have researched ways to save time when preparing snack food for parties without skimping on flavor and presentation. Now we are sharing these easy recipes with you.

Food Brings People Together

We are not chefs, just people who love to entertain. Over the years we have noticed a definite pattern. As the food at our parties got progressively better, we would have fewer "no shows”. You know, like; "We can't come we don't have a baby sitter" or "I have to arrange my sock draw tonight".

Take a look around our site for some Finger Food Ideas and share delicious food and great memories with your friends and family.

I recently made cucumber sandwiches for a get together. White bread, cut in triangles, really small (finger sandwiches) and get rid of the crusts. Put some cream cheese on the bread and cucumber. You can also add some dill to the cream cheese if you would like. Easy, and so delish! Plus you don't have to worry about heating them or anything.

fried pickles are amazing.
but on the sweet side u could do cake balls. or oreo balls. they always are decadent so a few go a long way. and its easy to make them though they take a while. but the prep is very relaxed u can easily drop them and pick them back up to continue.

Mozerella sticks.
Jalapeno poppers.
Shrimp cocktail.
Mini quiches.
Chicken strips.
Pigs in a blanket.
Cheese, cold cuts, and crackers platter.
Fruit salad.
Veggie tray.
Chips and dip.
Chicken strips.
Deviled eggs.

pigs in a blanket
you could do like a cheese and cracker tray, and have all different types of cheese and crackers
chips and salsa

or just look up appetizer recipes on yahoo, there are allot on the internet

You might consider fresh (not fried) spring rolls. You can put ANYTHING in them from shrimp to chicken to vegetables & herbs.

They're certainly healthier and a bit more "upscale" than the ol' pigs in a blanket. :-)

Some ideas for you:
Assorted nuts
Chips and salsa
Vegetable sticks and dip
Breaded chicken wings
Cheese and crackers
Celery stuffed with cream cheese
Deviled eggs
Shrimp cocktail
Pigs in a blanket
Olive and pickle tray

If you want easy, but healthy: Cheese/whole-wheat crackers, veggie sticks/lowfat dip, fruit slices or chunks, bagels/lowfat creamcheese or neufchatel cheese.

stuffed mushrooms
crab cakes
hummus & pitas
swedish meatballs

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