Do I have to serve anything other than cake and icecream at a 2:00 birthday party?!

Question: Do I have to serve anything other than cake and icecream at a 2:00 birthday party?
it is for my daughter's 2nd b-day. i made it for 2 because i thought between lunch and dinner people would of already eaten before they came over? my funds are limited, but i am starting to wonder if people will be talking about the host who didn't even feed us. Help!


I know I'll be in for it for being too blunt, and most women will disagree, but having a birthday for a kid this young invites the kind of social drama you describe. This all about the mom...not the child. At six years old, they might better understand what's going on, and appreciate it. Maybe. But my suggestion, aside from cynicism, is to avoid the problem by being blunt yourself: tell everyone before hand what to expect.

I wouldn't worry about it. On the invitations you can just write 'Cake and Ice Cream will be served!' and people will take the hint that they aren't going to have lunch/dinner. Especially since it is for toddlers. It might be a good idea to put out snacks like pretzels and chips so people don't get too hungry.

Hope this helps(:

I think you picked the perfect time to avoid having to serve full meals, but maybe just putting chips/salsa & veggies out would help with any munchies. other than that i think you're good to go, hope the birthday goes well, and a happy birthday to your little one! :)

No. Cake and ice cream should be fine. Especially if it's for a 2 year old. If they were hungry for more, they should have eaten before they came over.

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