I want to know what a Charlie Sheen shot is?!

Question: I want to know what a Charlie Sheen shot is?
the bar I hang out said that they now have Charlie Sheen shot! I want to know if anyone has tried this and if they have heard of it and what's in it! I am going out tonight with friends and I wanna know so I can maybe drink one tonight thanks all and Have a great weekend!


- the "7 gram rock," a bourbon-based number infused with peaches, nectarines and cherries
- "Hot Shots Part Deux," - one with smoked-pineapple syrup and lime with whiskey, and the other with tequila and chili-infused ginger liquor.

Vodka Shots named after Charlie Sheen

Great name for a knock you on your butt drink!! Let us know if you make any sense after you try it!

i bet it will knock you on ya ****

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