Why would Obama, a self-proclaimed Constitutional Scholar, forget that Congress shall declare war?!

Question: Why would Obama, a self-proclaimed Constitutional Scholar, forget that Congress shall declare war?

we hav sent 124 missles there how is that NOT war

Ok, genius, when was the last declared war?

I am not talking about declaring a war on drugs, or terrorism, or poverty, I mean a declared war against another nation?

Care to guess?

JAPAN 1941

Not Korea, Not Vietnam, Not Grenada, Not Iraq in kuwait (desert storm)

I cant stand OBAMA, but what I hate even more is Children twisting facts they do not possess.

Getting an advanced degree at most American colleges is like getting a high school diploma. At one time a PhD or law degree meant something, but a quick look at the average college campus will show that an education doesn't mean much anymore.

What 'war'? Iraq and Afghanistan are not 'wars' either since Congress did not declare war. Doesn't/didn't stop people to referring to both as wars.

The War Powers Resolution - passed by both houses of Congress, allows the President to deploy troops for up to 60 days.

Why are you Conservatives so block headed when it comes to this issue? Do you really enjoy embarrassing yourselves this much?

forget what? A Constitutional Scholar would know that!! Heck even I know that!!

No, and he hasn't declared war. Can you show us evidence of him declaring war?

If military action is approved by the UN congressional approval is not required.

You seem selective on when you want to acknowledge the War Powers Resolution Act.

Harvard tradition.

Because this isn't a war.

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