I get jealous when i see a girl around a lot of boys?!

Question: I get jealous when i see a girl around a lot of boys?
im a BOY
i am gay.
why is that, when i see a girl around boys, that flirting with her.. i get jealous?

i have never got attracted to gay guys. just to straight guys.
and i fall in love just with straight guys (that most of them hates me because i'm gay)

once i fell in love with a girl just because i was really jealous of her. but i wasn't attracted to her
i really fell in love with her

what is my ******* problem?
gay guys supposed to get attracted to other gay guys

i don't wanna talk about how much i hate myself


Try to ignore the comment said before; people who get NO attention in REAL LIFE say stupid ****....which brings me to you.

Why do you get jealous of girls flirting with guys? Well, I would imagine it's because you want the attention she has....you're problem lies more in the fact that you're seeking attention from all the wrong places; it's evident you hate yourself by your behaviors, and when you're ready to give up those behaviors you're decisions and attractions will balance themselves out because you'll realize that you're behavior is self-defeating, and pointless....it takes time, knowing yourself (what you stand for, your principles, your own individuality) and emotional maturity....

you'll also have to deal with the fact that attraction is based on what's in favor with the majority; not EVERY gay dude you meet is gonna go 'head over heels' for you because they're into what they're into, so just enjoy yourself until that day comes along....you can't please the whole world, so in the mean time, you may as well please yourself? How bout it?

You get jealous because you're a homo.
And you want to be surrounded by a lot of guys with c*cks. Fag.

You are very insecure ; get some therapy to find out ; why you are so jealous

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