Need help for my 18th birthday !? :D?!

Question: Need help for my 18th birthday !? :D?
My birthdays going to be on may 16 thats on a monday and i have school. should i celebrate my 18th birthday before or after may 16 ?
Im the one who will plan and spend on my cake plus dress. would be having birthday monies so that'd help me. <mum will pay the venue and food>
Going to celebrate it at " duke's deli ",its a bar and restaurant and they serve american food. i don't want lots of people so will only invite 12 close friends. there's like a cute small room at the restaurant. should i have dress code or not? need help in choosing the right cute dress too :D
What do you all think? is it alright?

thanks in advance :) xxxxx


I'd celebrate it after. Just so you already have the feeling of being one year older..if you get that feeling. Also, you could start off being eighteen with a great memory, maybe?(:
If you feel like you want the party to be a bit more dressy, I would include a dress code. Maybe something like, simple dresses, nothing too over the top.
here are some dresses I think are really cute, but not dramatic.………
Now I'm not sure of your style or what you wanted the dress to look like, but something along those lines seemed really cute for a birthday party, and since you're going out to eat, it's still casual enough for people to not give you weird looks.

It all depends i woudn't have a dress code(my family never celebrates my b-day cuz they hate me) So i wouldnt have a dress code. I'd personally have a dress that represent s me like wlid so get somehtin that rep.'s u and cake get ur fave kjind and tell your mom what u like and then give her a list of wat u like,the kind,and money and get her to oder it to be a suprise it'd be cool
Hope i helped

Your friends are supposed to take you out on your birthday once you're an adult.

And I would say celebrate the weekend before. Nobody likes a late birthday celebrator. That's like making the birthday stretch out into a birthweek, not cool.

It sounds better on a weekend but also about the dress code thing they might not be able to afford one or have one so that may not be best but do whatever's right for you.

YES it sounds great :O and it is always good to plan ahead :D

answer mine:

It seems like it would be more fun to have the party on a weekend. But, I think birthdays should be celebrated on the actual date. Happy (early) Birthday!

Depends where you live. If you live somewhere where legal age is 18 then the week after...

It sounds great :) I say you should celebrate it after your birthday! Have a great time :D x

No dress code. too formal - you're not gettin married ffs

yeah, it's all right...

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