Wizard themed food for a birthday party?!

Question: Wizard themed food for a birthday party?
Every year for my siblings birthdays I have them spend the night and make them a themed dinner. I normally make the theme a surprise but my soon to be 9 year old brother asked for a wizard theme this year. He doesn't pay much attention to Harry Potter so any references to that will be lost on him. Does anyone have any ideas? The only thing I have so far is that clear Kool-Aid.
I don't want to spend a lot of money so budget friendly ideas would be appreciated.


you can make wands by dipping long pretzel rods in chocolate and then cover the chocolate(or white chocolate) with sprinkles or colored sugar.
Cute, cheap and easy!
Wizard hat cake should not be too hard.
Purple tablecloths and silver stars would be "wizardy"
Sounds fun!

Brother is much more outmoded than it is old, imho

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