Im having a birthday party my 13th so this is really important to me!! help?!

Question: Im having a birthday party my 13th so this is really important to me!! help?
i have ideas of shaving cream fights and whipped cream fights and prank calling all the normal stuff but i need something really....ta dah just to make a statement to my besties and i also have and idea of going to a yogurt store and dressing all crazy but thats not that big i need something that would wow my best friends plz help thanks!!!!


So im thinkin you want somethin big! Ok here is somethin. Wat u should do is a backwards theme party! Like the invites will be like backwards so they would have to look in the mirror and see it. You could play limbo but instead of lowering it you would go backswards and raise it. And also cake b4 dinner and after too! Also get a pinata! instead of filling it with candy and hitting it. hit it then fill it with candy and hit it again! See how that would work... You can also open presents early and have a pillow fight but hit the pillows at things! You can also see who is brave enough to do wacky things! That would be sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!! And make the ultimate yogurt and see who will dare to eat it! That will make things fun and u will have one of the best bdays EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

you could do dress up relays. get a bag of old clothes(hats socks, shoes shirts undies and accessories) , (mums, dads and your own or whoever else) and split into two teams. set up a space of say 25 meters or so (or less if you don't have space) and make them put on the clothes, run to other side, take off every item of the clothing that was in the bag, then hand them to the next person. but the person next in line cant start getting dressed until the first person has everything off completely. that is a very funny game. i played it at my friends 16th! :) hope you have a great birthday!

Have a scavenger hunt at the mall! Split the guests into groups and give them lists of things to buy like "jewelry involving monkeys" or "an insanely ugly clearance item at ____". Whoever gets all the stuff first wins! Then binge on cake and do all the usual birthday things. Happy Birthday!


Make it a costume party then have a food fight or something

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