Help with 16th birthday party?!

Question: Help with 16th birthday party?
I am helping my friend plan a 16th birthday for her daughter. Do you have any ideas for themes? They have hired a nightclub which holds 250 guests and this includes a DJ, security staff, bar staff and free soft drinks all night. Her mum is a doing the food so would like some ideas too. We live in the UK. The girl likes movies and music and is maybe thinking of a Hollywood Glamour theme? Or some type of fancy dress theme? What do you think?


Glamour sounds perfect, a good excuse for the girls to go overboard, and for the boys to wear a suit and tie. Printing some special glossy themed invites will give a clear indication of what dress code there is. If there are tables you could carry the theme through gold and black balloons maybe some film quotes here and there, or even get a red carpet for the entrance and ask a friend with a good camera to photograph people as they arrive. Maybe a sparkling punch on arrival. Or you could do a "come as a Hollywood star" or film character...good luck

Hollywood Glamour is a nice theme. Though only problem with kds being OVERDRESSED is that when it comes time to dance, its really hot and clothes get all icky (prom, winterformal, my 18th birthday)

Try a semi-formal theme, where girls wear pretty dresses and guys wear dress shirts instead of tuxes or suits. IDK its up to you.

But! I do like the theme, it is a good one.

glow party?????? something slightly different glow in the dark and fluro so bright and happy and glowy and different ???? big banners with glow paint and fluro writting on black lights etc the night club would know how to pull a good one off then its not to girley for the boys the girls will have fun and evweyone will be talking about it

Someone I know did I big colour party.
Everyone was in rainbow colours and it looked amazing!
You could also have all of the guests wearing black white and gray and the birthday girl and her entourage wearing colours :)

Happy birth day

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