Birthday party ideas for teen girls?!

Question: Birthday party ideas for teen girls?
I am turning 14 in April...what are some ideas for a birthday party?

I will probably have 4-7 people over.


Sleep over?
Shopping trip?
Adventure park (roller coasters and fare rides?)
Slumber party?
Movie night?
Make over party?
Jewelery making party?
Games night?
Beach party?
Tea party? (This is a really good websight for parties,I went to one and it was fantastic.

My brain and ( I wen't to one)

scary movies!;_ylt=Ag5o9suwcTnz2wMmTEkVamzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110319093432AAqzQIu

Have slumber party or ask your parents if they can take you all somewhere fun like an amusement park or get a hotel room in the city.

sing star sleepover! im 23 and still doing this! we hook up everyones different games systems, bring a ton of games, start contests. eat pizza and other junk food and generally have a good laugh!

Cigars made out of $50 notes, buckets of southern fried chicken and a solid gold stripper pole.
My 15 year old daughter thought it was really hip.

A little Wayne music video

look here for good ideas:

an 80s rock and roll band roller skating or a sleepover

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