I want to have a vampire themed party any ideas?!

Question: I want to have a vampire themed party any ideas?
I love vampires and werewolves and the whole Twilight thing! I want this birthday to be spectacular and not lame! Any ideas on how I can make this vampire party something that wont be forgotten?


lots of great ideas and photos here:

Maybe you could model the party after how Alice decorated for Bella's birthday party in the beginning of New Moon... or you could just make everything black, white, and red and sparkely... lots of glitter.
Get lots of those little fangs you stick onto your teeth to hand out to people like party favors.
Make some kind of red punch..
Idk if the Twilight soundtracks would be very good party music, but you could create a playlist based on some of the music at least. The Vampire Diaries has excellent music in all of the episodes.

Wow. Me and A B have really similar ideas. That's funny.

have fake vampire fangs at the front door for party favors so everyone can put them on, serve red punch and have everyone wear vampire costumes and makeup.have the party at night at the marriot hotel. Have a most sexiest vampire contest.

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