Awesome Party Ideas ?!?!

Question: Awesome Party Ideas ?!?
Hi so i am turning 15 in 20 days days and i am stuck on what to do...i will have about 10 girls. I just want something fun! no pool partys and no sleepovers help!


at my previous birthday parties i have just had my friends come over at like 6 and i would have a bon-fire and jut eat snack foods and pizza and junk like that. we would all play sports and stuff like that. if you are into a more formal birthday then have your friends dress up nice (dresses, something you would wear to a semi-formal) and rent out a private room at a restaurant and have a party in there. or just go out to a restaurant with your friends in your dressy clothes and then go somewhere after like say the movies or (something a little nicer) a club (even though you are only turning 15 they have clubs for young teens. !!! hope i helped! have fun and happy early birthday!

First things first, you have to come up with a theme to this party.
I'm going to give you two examples of things I think would be cool, and you can see if you like something close to it, or if it helps you come up with something on your own.
First Idea: Mardi Gras.
When each of your friends get to wherever you are having your party at, you can hand each of them a necklace..something like what you would get at a mardi gras fest. At the party you might be able to make a mardi gras mask and things like that, so everyone would have something to remember the party by. A lot of people drink for this celebration so you could have shots of something, they don't have to be alcoholic, but anything you have to drink could be poured into a shot glass, and everyone takes a shot of it.
Second Idea: Pool party/summer,
Since you can't have a pool party, and it isn't summer, but everyone is looking forward to both of those, you could do something like it. You could make a drink that gives off a blue color, like a blue kool aid or something along those lines, and put peach rings or any type of colorful circular shaped candy. Even life savers would work. But the thought of this would be to make it look like a pool. The kool aid would give off the vibe of a pool, and the candies would be like a floaty in the water.
I'm not sure exactly what I would do for both of these things, and I don't really want to type a novel to you of what I would do. These ideas might seem a bit too immature for you, but if you have a theme it would be a lot easier to make the party work and know exactly what you want to do.
If you aren't really looking for a themed thing, you could always just make shirts with your friends, and something like that.
If you still aren't sure of what to do, I'd google ideas for a party. Hope i helped!

clean the house , get some food, get a good movie everyone is talking about and get ideas for Truth and Dare everyones favorite game!! have fun i just resently turned 15

Laser tag or bowling. That's what I did when I turned 15 and it was awesome ; )

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