Problems planning my party?!

Question: Problems planning my party?
I'm going to have an Alice in Wonderland Easter party, and I want my friends to dress up as Alice in Wonderland characters. There's just one problem, most of my friends have seen the newer Tim Burton Alice, and are dressing up as characters from that version. My costume is of the younger Alice, looks like the dress of Alice from the Disney cartoon. I found the costume version of dress Mia Wasikowska wears as Alice when she first fell down the Rabbit Hole, but it's fifty bucks. I'm worried my friends are going to say things about how I ought to switch my costume, or they may not recognize the style since they've never seen the little known cartoon. How can I manage this costume problem? I also have a problem of which film to show. Most of my friends have seen and liked the newer film, but one of them says she likes the cartoon better. Which film should I show? Thank you if you can help.


Since it's your party..dress as you please; and since your friends aren't familiar with the original version....then it's time they became acquainted with the film at your party :). It will give them a better appreciation of how the other version came about. Then you can have a discussion about both films...or play a question/answer game about the movie, etc.

I vote for the original cartoon Alice in Wonderland. HAVE FUN!!!!

if you want a "sweet easter party" you have to do the Disney version

well have a vote if you going to do the newer one or the old one

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