Should I invite them to this party?!

Question: Should I invite them to this party?
I'm throwing a suprise birthday party for my close friend at my house and I'm still finalizing who to invite.
The first person I'm not sure to invite is my former friend. She is friends with my friend I'm throwing the party for, but I really don't like her presence. I'm not sure since she is friends with her, and the party is for her.

The second person I'm not sure to invite is the guy I like. Him, my friend and I are all in a painting class together and he somewhat talks with her, but mostly talks with me. I'd like to invite him, but I'm not sure. There would be one other guy there, and he does know everyone at the party.

Thanks in advance. :)


Yes and yes. If the girl you dont like acts mean to you, kick her out, its your house.

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