Dinner party help please?!

Question: Dinner party help please?
I'm hosting a dinner party in a week or so, and im completely fine with the starter and pudding, but i would like some help for the main course
could anyone suggest what i could do with salmon and potatoes?

thankyou for any help


Bake them. Maybe just the potatoes. Are they red or yellow; if they are red put a little mix of olive oil herbs and water to the baking, if they are the "big yellows" just wrap them on aluminum foil and put them for about 35mins to 400 degrees.
About the salmon I like it simple: a little water (one or two ounces) and cook it for about 10 mins on medium high.
Season on the side or on it before you cook them.
Good Luck!

Sorry, i cannot help that. try another suggest.

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