Questions for hosts/hostesses?!

Question: Questions for hosts/hostesses?
I was thinking of getting a job as a hostess an I wanted to know what it's like. I'm still pretty young. Is it super hard? I'm a pretty shy person and you probably have to be a friendly person to do it, but I'm hoping this will help me improve! Where's the best type of place to do it at? Any good things or bad things I need to know about it? Tell me all about it! :) Thanks!!


You're going to be shy any new place you work at sweetie.. Just go into it knowing that you can do it.. annnnd that you don't even know these people, so you can make a great impression on them! =D You'll do great, just smile and greet them!

restaurants are restaurants so it doesnt really matter where you get the job at. if youre shy get ready to come out of your shell. watch the movie waiting if you want to know what any place is like. (not saying youll get harassed by old guys the cast is just so truueee).

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