Ideas for surprise 21st b-day party?!

Question: Ideas for surprise 21st b-day party?
I'm throwing my husband a surprise 21st b-day party. His fam is coming up a couple weeks after his b-day so I'm gonna have it then. I already know how I'm gonna surprise him, now I'm trying to figure out unique ideas for his party. He's in the Marine Corps and we have a son, so I'm trying to incorporate that into his cake, but then I'm not quite sure if I should. I'm also trying to think of a unique present, maybe 21 of something. I would want to do something with alcohol, but it would offend some of his fam that is coming. I'm just looking for any unique cake, present, or decorating ideas.


If you have any pictures of your husband and son (in his military gear) a lot of grocery stores can trasfer the picture onto rice paper and put it on a cake for you and its really not that expensive. Also, you can get little mini alcohol bottles to give to him or if that really offends family give it to him when you two are alone (I mean he is 21!!!) Or give him 21 scratchers (Lotto) to play, maybe you guys can win some extra cash! As for decoration, you can do a Mardi Gras theme and decorate everything in like yellows, purples, greens and you can go to a party store and they have TONS of Mardi Gras themed stuff you can buy and then you can get beads for the guests to wear. I dunno, just a suggestion ;)

If he's a marine you can have booze. His o'le farm boys could get all juiced up and be the life of the party

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