Birthday party ideas help?!

Question: Birthday party ideas help?
I am 13 turning 14 and i am inviting 5 friends over. when they all arive we are going to go cinema and then were gonna comeback to my house but i dont know what to do i live in a unit and have no ps3
what can i do

also i have a park near my unit if that helps


I think multiple of things can be done.
The park near your unit is good idea.
All the friends can be gathered there, have a small birthday celebration with the cutting of cake since party is incomplete without it that you haven't mentioned in your idea list.
Then drop the gifts at home and move to the cinema. Selection of movie must be some action or comedy.
Then after that you can enjoy at home by unpacking the gifts along with the friends, enjoying late night snacks, and music in the background.

Have a good day.
cheers :)

Well what I did is maybe paint nails and gossip!!! If your not much of a talker.. You should buy t shirts for everyone and design your own shirts... If you have an older brother or sister, you can have like a scavenger hunt, and they can drive you all over town.. Maybe watch a couple movies, have late night snakes... The possibilities are endless!! Hope you have an awesome party!! If you have questions or whatever about how the scavenger hunt works email me at

Did all of those things :)

Make an EPIC CAKE like the cake/crepe/thing Epic Meal time made, if you haven't seen it heres a link:

Having made epic meals :P

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