Should I go to this Party?!

Question: Should I go to this Party?
I'm 14 years old and my best friend, who i haven't seen in 5 years, wants me to go to this party with her when i fly in to see her soon. She said there might be alcohol and drugs, but we def aren't going to do them, we're just going to go to have fun. I've never been to a party like that, and i know better than to do drugs and drink alcohol so that won't be a problem. I guess i'm just nervous about what the hell is going to be going down there, and if the cops could come and shut the place down and take us to jail or something. Any advice? Should I go? She might be disappointed i don't go, she's my absolute best friend and i would trust her with my life, help, please?


Having been to those parties i know that it is not as hard as adults make out to not partake in alcohol or drugs if you don't want to. I have been to parties when police have come a few times and they do not arrest people, most of the time they either take the alcohol or tell us to keep it down. You seem responsible and i think you will be fine going, so go for it, it can only make you stronger.


If your having doubts, don't go :) honestly its your choice, but don't risk it. Just tell your friend you don't feel comfortable and she should understand. Good luck love xxx

Yeah,you should.

dont go

I wouldn't go.
You said she was your absolute best friend, correct? If that's true, then she wouldn't make you go if you didn't want to. Tell her, "Hey, I'm not going to this party. It's not my scene. I'm sorry if you want to go, but I'm not going to risk it. Can we maybe go see a movie instead?" If she decides to give you a hard time about it, take it. Its better to take that punishment than a punishment of a jail sentence or the effects of drugs and alcohol. If it still makes you nervous to say that to her, fake sick, or make plans with someone else and act like you totally forgot about the party. Best wishes :)

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