What is a good idea for alternative hen party entertainment?!

Question: What is a good idea for alternative hen party entertainment?
Can anyone help me? My sister is having a hen party at the start of July in our local pub. She doesn't want any strippers cos she thinks they r tacky and up until now she has made it clear that she doesn't want anything other than food booze and good music. Myself, my mum and our best friend and other bridesmaid has been trying to point out for months that her guests will eventually get bored. So now she's acting like she never said that at all and that I'm planning the whole thing so I better get cracking.

Can anyone think of any good alternative hen party entertainment that can come to a pub (just outside Edinburgh, Scotland) and doesn't cost a fortune? Or even if it's something we can do ourselves.

I really appreciate the input. Much appreciated!


Go to a porn store, they have a whole section for parties like these. Get her a crown, and a bunch of penis straws, and a sash, and all of that fun stuff. They also have scavenger hunts for this-- that you can do at the bar. "Take a pic with a blonde guy" "Get a married man to buy you a shot" etc. Those can be really fun! Also "Suck for a buck!" Make her a bouquet of suckers (stuck into styrofoam) and charge people a dollar per sucker.. she'll make some cash! Have fun sweetie!

Allot of feed and maybe a rooster stripper

Been to one and what a blast

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