Is it gay for a 16 year old guy to have a dinner party?!

Question: Is it gay for a 16 year old guy to have a dinner party?
I'm planning on having a formal dinner party for my 16th Birthday. I'm doing this coz I'm quite passionate about food and I want to spend my 16th with my closest friends. I'm concerned thought that this is a bit gay or feminine. I'm definately not gay, but I'm just wondering if it would look like I am if I had this formal dinner party. I'm also doing this coz my girlfriend suggested it and I have a mixed gender group of friends. Thoughts?


They should feel honored to be invited. I think it is terrific. Certainly Bobby Flay and the other great chefs started out this way. Good for you! I wish I were your close friend so I could see what you serve. Happy birthday, by the way!

I wouldn't say it's gay. It certainly is.. unique, I suppose, for a sixteen-year-old guy to be passionate about food, but there isn't anything wrong with it. Plus, you shouldn't care about what others think about you. If YOU want to have a formal dinner party, then go ahead. You shouldn't be worried about what others are going to think of it. If they're really your friends, they'll come anyway and have a good time, whether or not they think it's weird that you're hosting that type of party.

Not at all since it's coed. It would only be weird if it was all guys. Not weird at all since you have boys and girls, then it's nice. I think that sounds awesome. Especially if your friends have dates too. Maybe get your friends involved in he food making somehow? or part of it. Or maybe a dessert they can make, then it's fun and creative rather than to formal or awkward.

It is slightly off the wall....BUT who the heck cares, as long as you can cook a MEAN dinner, go for it, and your friends wil be jealous for it too... Go to a GOOD Professional Culinary School like Le Cordon Bleu and you won't have to worry about life...

pro chef

That's a great idea. There is nothing gay about it. Women will love you for throwing a dinner party and the guys will be jealous that they didn't do something as cool.

It's not gay. It's part of growing up. You're becoming a man. Looks like you're a mature young person turning into a mature adult soon.

Gay is being attracted to the same sex. It has nothing to do with what kind of party you throw. WHY must kids these days throw around this word so much?

People that throw food parties will always have people around them.

XTREMELY GAY. Hope this helps.
With much love,
Herby L


Its not gay but its very weird for a 16 yr old male. Its only gay if you fall in love

Yes, it is.

no its not

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