14th birthday house party, i need help urgently..?!

Question: 14th birthday house party, i need help urgently..?
Well it is my birthday on the 3rd April.. and i'm turning 14. Mum said that i can have a house party aslong as i'm responsible. She offered for her, my little brother and dad to stay at my uncle's for the night so i have a free house. But i'm worried because the last party i went to got noise complaints and the police came around and it was in the centre of town... i also live on a fairly main road, and i'm worried i will get complaints.
So should i ask the neighbours if it's okay with them.. ???
Also how many people should i invite, because i don't want it to get out of hand :)


firstly - your parents sound awesome! Don't let them down!
I would show them how responsible you are and ask them about the neighbour situation :)
Also, i would probably invite around 15-20 people? depends on how big your house is etc.

If i were you, i'd drop a note in your neighbours letterboxes saying that you will be having a party, and that although you will try to keep the noise down, you apologise if they hear anything :)

Make sure you have enough food!

You should invite me.

yea warn ur neighbourghs tht u gota party goin on.... n try n keep the noise down after 10pm

Ask your neighbours, even if the guests weren't going to be noisy it's only polite.
Don't invite too many people, I'd say 20 tops. It's easier to keep a smaller number entertained & to keep track of everyone.
Don't serve alcohol (I don't know if you were even going to but I was out getting wasted at 14 :L I just thought I'd throw it in since I've been at a fair few parties that have got out of hand because a couple of people drank too much).
Finally if you're getting really worried about things getting out of hand ask your mum or dad to stay upstairs in their room then they're there if anything goes wrong. Also your neighbours will be a lot less happy if they know there'll be no adults there & they're complaining about noise.

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