Really need help with ideas ASAP?!

Question: Really need help with ideas ASAP?
So me and my community were planing on taking kids like 30 kids ages 5-10 and were teenagers but its going to rain tomorrow and we cant take them to park anymore any ideas what to do? Where to go?


If ur community has a big room somewhere u could have a movie day or something like that.

1000%MEE!!!!!!!! :)

hire a cheap hall and do junk modelling. i did it recently with a group of kids and its great fun!
get everyone to bring in old boxes, wrapping paper, paint, brushes, pens, paper, bottles. etc. then let the kids free to make whatever they please. we actually managed to get hold of some huge boxes and the smaller kids made houses. even a small corner of kids were making cards for their parents. its totally free choice, they use their imagination, and its cheap and fun

hope this has helped

Local sports centre? Ring up to book activities first. If you want a free activity how about a local museum? Again, talk to them on the phone to see if any special arrangements can or need to be made. Your local library might be able to offer activities such as storytelling, too.

Find a space where you can be inside and play inside games, here are some ideas-

Take them to the indoor roller park or a indoor gym maybe they can play basketball or football they might also like lazer tag you never know the possiblities are endless depending on where you live:)

cant u change it to a different day? There are not many places you can take kids indoors without having to pay and that will be a lot for 30 of them

maybe indoor rock climbing, or bowling, or to an arcade

take them to the house of any of your community member.. or your own house... and let them enjoy.!!

why not let them play in the rain?

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