I need cheese ideas for my wedding!! Please help!?!

Question: I need cheese ideas for my wedding!! Please help!?
I need to buy some cheese for about 250 people and don't know where to start. I know there are millions of kinds of cheeses out there, but any information would help

I need different cheeses that will
1) seem fancy
2) appease a large crowd
3) go well with crackers and not so much wine (only beer and spirits at the weddings)

as a side note, I live near Tampa, FL


here is a site of all the possible cheeses check em out! there is no photos only descriptions
so in order to see what it looks like look it up on Google on images each


me myself and i (resource)

I love swiss, and usually at gatherings that I'm at that has cheese trays that's one of the first to go.
They also make a cheddar with bacon in it that's really good. It comes in a block even and you can get it at walmart.
They have so many garlic/herbs infused cheese curds, I know that sounds awful, but trust me they're amazing.
A marble type would be good as well.

Congrats on your wedding sweetie!

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