What kind of food to have at a baby shower?!

Question: What kind of food to have at a baby shower?
What should we have? We want to have cupcakes instead of normal cake is that a good idea? Also on the cupcakes do we just do normal frosting or should we do that with little ducky (theme) things? Oh also its a boy, idk if that makes a diffrence.


Cupcakes are very "in" right now, and your little ducky theme sounds perfect. My advice would be to frost with a regular tinted buttercream and then top with something from the ducky theme. If this is an adult only shower, then your food choices might include something like:

1. Spinach salad with candied walnuts, sliced pears, gorgonzola cheese, and Champagne Vinagrette
2. Chinese chicken salad with mandarin oranges and roasted cashews
3. Warm rolls with butter
4. Grilled chicken skewers
5. Cheese platter with seedless grapes
6. Condiments such as an olive medley, celery and carrot sticks with dressing, and pickles
7. Meat and cheese platters

If you're having children too, then:

1. Cheese cubes
2. Chicken skewers or tenders
3. Pasta
4. Carrots and celery sticks with ranch dressing
5. Rolls

You can also go extra fancy, which might look like:

1. Gourmet Cheese platter with grapes (include Cambazola, Smoked Gouda, Spanish Manchego, and White Cheddar)
2. Crostini topped with artichoke tapenade or sundried tomatos and mozarella
3. Mini beef tenderloin sliders on Hawaiian rolls
4. Butternut squash ravioli with cream sauce
5. Romaine leaves topped with crab salad.

Try doing some baby rattle cupcakes....get the white sticks (used for lollies, candy) at craft store, tie bow, add gumdrop at bottom, decorate...here's how:

I'm giving you this link because Betty Crocker site also gives you a video of how to do it>>

You can serve anything from a cold cut and cheese platter w/rolls to make sandwiches to making sandwiches yourself of assorted kinds (turkey, chicken salad, egg salad, ham and cheese, roast beef)...have condiments and pickle/relish tray

You can serve a cold pasta salad, can add a potato salad (whatever you want to make or have pple help you make) deviled eggs, fruit platter or cut up a watermelon into shape of baby carriage and add fruit:

(you can get fancier and make carvings all around the brim of the carriage...but that's too much trouble..you can also use orange slices for wheels (cut them thick enough or they slip down)....you may want to assign this project to one person..it's a little time consuming, but oh, so cute!! I did one and even hot glued on ribbons, etc around the carriage for added decoration.....I set it on a bed of leafy lettuce....you may have to trim off some bottom of melon>>be careful, not too much. Have separate little cups for guests to scoop fruit into...even drinking cups work.

If you want snacks: can always get a bread bowl with dip and use the pieces of bread for dipping, veggie platter and dip.

You can get blue napkins and fold them to look like a diaper and fill with candy/nut treats...here's how with pics....(these would look cute, don't worry about making perfect):

I think the cupcakes would be just fine. If you want other ideas, try to have "baby" themed things like baby sandwiches (sandwiches cut in fourths) baby carrots with some Ranch dressing, baby spinach salad, stuff like that. Pretty much anything cut small would go with a baby theme

Go check this site:

I found it very useful. It has many ideas and options


I think the cupcakes with ducky theme is perfect for a boy.

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