((((I want to surprise my Grandma for her birthday,any ideas???!

Question: ((((I want to surprise my Grandma for her birthday,any ideas???
and also what should i give her? Money or what????? How should i celebrate her birthday?


Have a surprise party for her in her backyard at lunch time, this way its not to late (old people get tires easily :/ ) Nothing to big though, just family and close friends of hers.

And instead of giving her money like most people give at birthdays, give her something from the heart, even a card saying "Your the best grandmother in the entire world, we love you!" will make her heart rejioce. So whatever you do decide to buy her she'll love.

And you should celebrate outside in the sun (old people feel the cold easier then us) with a long table of sandwiches etc. Dont make it too big though, sometimes it a bit overwhelming for them.

Hope this helps (:

Why not try to find a newspaper from her birthday? There are sites that specialize in originals and reprints.

I have gotten them for friends and they are a fun present.



Take your grandma to lunch, I'm sure she'll love going to lunch with her thoughtful granddaughter.

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