Is driving an hour away too much to ask?!

Question: Is driving an hour away too much to ask?
So for my sweet 16 I picked a venue that is about an hour away from where my friends and I live. My friends don't want to drive that far, but the venue is wonderful and it's a great price.

Should I tell my friends to suck it up or just move the venue to somewhere closer?


With how expensive gas is getting, unless you're driving them, you should move it closer. Driving an hour away is too much to ask, especially since this is your birthday and they're probably getting you presents and the works anyways.

While your gut reaction would be to tell them to suck it up, it's not the most gracious thing to say as the hostess.

Send out invitations, and realize you may have a few more "NO's" in the RSVP piel that usual if distance is really a problem for them. If they choose not to drive/carpool, it is their loss.

Have fun!

I think you should keep that location, it is your Birthday!!! You should be able to have it exactly how you want it. Maybe suggest that you could drive a few people, or they can carpool. Everyone is going the same place so misewell just ride together. Happy Birthday! My sweet 16 is next year and I already planned my birthday! haha Im so excited, Im sure you are too. HAVE FUN!!! :D

Well if they are driving them selves its not bad but with their parents might not want to drive, but if i were you i would rent a lime for and hour (to their and back) for 100 bucks an hour which will change your friends mind about going that far

That is a bit to ask. How about you carpool, or drie some people. I would really want to suggest getting a limo or party bus for people. There will be a party getting to the party. Party buses are AWESOME! Lol. And there are many sizes. but quite expensive..

since you are getting a good deal on the venue, can you not lay on a bus to take your friends?
it is a bit far, wouldnt bother me, but at 16 they may not afford gas etc

Do what ever you want but realize this. Your great deal may not be as good of a deal if no one shows up because it is to far and people can;t afford to go.

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