Does this sound like a fun idea for a 16th birthday party?!

Question: Does this sound like a fun idea for a 16th birthday party?
I was trying to think of ideas for my 16th birthday party and I was thinking of going snow tenting with around 20 people. Is this a good idea?

- What could we do there during the party (activities) ?
- Would people enjoy it .. ?

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Sounds like a fun idea! It's most probably something unique which none of your friends have tried before, so go for it! With 20 people it should be a lot more fun than with 1 or 2, so your party will be one never to forget! Activities you could do... maybe snowman competition, snowball fights, take along some board games, sledging/sledge racing? Anything your friends seem to enjoy! Have fun!

Yes the people would definitely enjoy it especially if you are teens. You could sign up on the activity board and they will give you lots of activities to enjoy. You could finally start to go clubbing, you could have a girls night out with your friends and enjoy sledge racing, snowball fights and even make ice sculptures with help from the staff there. Maybe on the last night you could all go to a theme park there or to fancy restaurant.

My Brain :)

it's a great unique idea
u can activities like drinking dancing and that things

Go to a hotel and go crazy! That's what I did lol

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