How do you not get bored at party, night clubs?!

Question: How do you not get bored at party, night clubs?
I just can't not get bored at night clubs and all, and I went to all of them! maybe it's the way I've been brought up, maybe my mindset isn't right....But I don't like drinking, and I don't smoke, nor do I dance well: do you think there would be a chance that I could have fun out there? I've tried alone, with friends, everything, I'm always like, ok now I'm bored, I want to go home, do something else....The only thing that could be fun there is hooking up girls, but I think that I won't find the most interesting people out there anyway, and I'm really really shy and noncommittal... I don't know, I'm stuck here because almost all my friends know how to have fun out there, but I just can't.....It's really odd. Anyways, I can live with that, but if you've had similar situations, let me know. I'm 20 by the way


If you find a girl at one she's going to like doing what you don't like doing, sounds like beating your head against the wall to me. Try doing things you like then you will find someone that likes doing the same things.

If you don't like dancing, I don't see how you could have fun at a club.

I always like the idea of going out but once I've been at the club for like half an hour I get really bored, haha.

maybe you should try some of that smoke or alcohol and you wont be so bored and then you'll be the party king!!

Learn to dance. It is the answer to life.(in bars. For the rest, the answer is cheese)


Maybe youre too smart to be entertained by them.


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