I need b-day slumber party ideas?!

Question: I need b-day slumber party ideas?
Hey everyone i NEED ideas for a b-day sleepover for tweens except for like truth or dare crap! i already have that. Any ideas my b-day sleepover is april 1st which is april fools day i need things so me and my friends dont get bored


When I used to have birthday sleepovers making our own pizzas from scratch & stuff like that always went down well...then you're basically getting them to cook their own meals which is always a plus :P Of course there is the obvious watching films & board games & all that but sometimes they can be really fun. Having a pampering session is always a good idea too, like making or buying some face masks, painting each other's nails, all that stuff then afterwards grabbing a load of make up & hair stuff & giving each other a makeover. Like not in the cheesey 5 year old way, I mean just do each other's hair & make up so it looks really kool or copy off a celebrity's look. Karaoke was always popular with my friends but it would have to be earlier on in the night since it can really annoy your parents & neighbours having a load of girls singing down a mic till 1 am.

I'm twisted I guess. I'd have fun with pranks on that day but only if everyone was going to prank each other harmlessly and they knew that was the plan. Movies, board games, food, whatever you like doing and had fun with it.

Have a high school, teen movie night, movies like:
Bring It On
10 things i hate about you
Mean girls
Never Been Kissed
She's All That
American Pie
Ferris Bueller

Or order in some cuisine you've never had before like thai

Make a burn book.

drinkn games?

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