throwing my first party? HELP ME!!?!

Question: Throwing my first party? HELP ME!!?
ok, so-here I am, turning 13
the thing is, i have never thrown a party before
i need advice-what to bring, ect-i have the friend s that i was gonna bring but here was my idea
-do something really lame during the day(like goto chuck-e-cheeses and be really stupid/get kicked out)
-get home and go out in the backyard(its a pretty big backyard) and hook up my computer to my amps and blast my music
-order pizzas,have sodas, have chips, ect
later, come inside, maybe watch a movie, make popcorn, have a sleepover, do nails/hair/take pictures
-then hang out at like the park and mall the next day
this is my first party and i need help so if any of this sounds bad, point it out and give me some pointers
-no drugs,alchohol please :P


Happy Birthday first of all!

Be sure to get reservations at the chuck e cheese or dave and busters or wherever you want to go. NOTHING is worse than getting to a place for a party and they have no tables free.

second, have a back up plan for the back yard portion JUST in case it rains. Have 3 of your favorite movies planned and have everyone vote on a favorite. It's your birthday so your vote counts twice.

It sounds like you have a great plan! Best wishes for it, you'll officially be a teenager.

Whoa! I wish I would have thought of doing something like this for my 13th bday party! Sounds like a lot of fun. If the Chuck-e-cheese thing doesn't work out though, you might want to try Dave & Buster's (plus it's more on your age level). Besides that, the backyard dancing + junk food and girl talk = A VERY SUCCESSFUL 13TH BDAY PARTY :)

I D & B instead of chukky chz..everything else sounds perfect,have your pizza like you want as well as ...chips,brownies,cookies,cake,sodas and juss dance ur butt of and have fun...HAPPY BDAY

i think the d&b idea sounds solid, but def make reservations. you don't want to be boned if the place is packed. will parents be involved at all?

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