Is it all in the presentation?!

Question: Is it all in the presentation?

yeah, lunch better look good if i'm gonna eat it.

I'd say it's half and half. If the room is beautiful, the servers good looking, the plates exquisite and the company charming, the food will really be a downer if it is bad.

On the other hand if everything else is wonderful and the food is acceptable people will enjoy the experience.

If the presentation is mediocre and the food is great it might have it's own charm.

There is a falafel restaurant near my house. The owner is grumpy and hardly acknowledges you, the place is cramped and they serve on paper plates. But the schwarma is fabulous! I love that place.

Several years ago someone I knew went to see Van Morrison in concert in the UK- I was offered a Ticket but couldn't make it (luckily, as it turned out).

He came on Stage with a "play list" written on something the size of a Postage Stamp, and after about three tracks just leaned against the Microphone Stand asking the Audience what they wanted him to sing next. At least 50% of the requests were answered along the lines of "That's cr*p, I don't do that anymore", and the vast majority of the Audience walked out around the 45 minute mark.

So yes, presentation- or "showmanship"- is vital. Compare that poor attitude to Leonard Cohen's professionalism at close to 70 with "Closing Time"…

Edit: Just realised I went off Category- misread as "Entertainment" only :(
As someone who worked in Sales to the Catering Industry for many years, I was made well aware of the phrase "People eat with their eyes".

Sorry about that.

According to my mother, presentation is VERY important. She had about 30 sets of dishes - something for every occasion, and the refrigerator was always stocked with parsley. Sounds kind of crazy, but even her shittier meals were enjoyable on those pretty dishes.

In general. yes. When you see a plate set in front of you that looks good, more often than not you will say to yourself, "I'll bet this tastes good". Take any cooking class and a lot of the time spent will be on "plating" the food in a visually appealing fashion.

professional chef

Yes, but how DO you dress up pea soup not to look like baby sh*t/vomit? I love the stuff but hear this most times when trying to serve it.

Sometimes. Lentil soup is still awesome though even if it looks suspect.

depends. in my family, if it is not breathing, its good. we are not formal at all.

That's what they say. Anyone know who "they" are?

For most people, yes.

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