*What are some good party plans for a 14 year old girl? READ DETAILS?!

Question: *What are some good party plans for a 14 year old girl? READ DETAILS?
- I want to invite (for sure) 12 girls
-We are all 14 so dont be like "PLAY TRUTH OR DARE, HIDE AND SEEK, AND CAPTURE THE FLAG" Haha thanks:)


Go to the movies, go shopping, talk.It really depends on what you are interested in. For my 14th b-day party I had a cooking/cake decorating contest. when I was that age I love just to hang out make good food and talk. I am a speech and debater and we have this game called Freeze. Here is how you play. First two people get up and act out a scenario they keep acting until some one in the crowd says "Freeze" the two people must freeze in that same position then the person who said freeze takes the position of one of the two people then the they resume but act out a completely different scenario. Sorry if this does not help and if you think I am weird but I am a nerd and love speech games. Hope this helps.

Personal Experiance

go out to town and just walk around. when you go back to your house you can do tattoos (not the stick on) or mani pedis

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