What kind of cake should I have at my 13th birthday party?!

Question: What kind of cake should I have at my 13th birthday party?
I am turning 13 around the middle of April. I am having a pool party for my birthday for 12-20 people, and I was wondering what kind of cake I should have. I was thinking a coffee themed cake (but not the flavor of coffee cake), but like the mocha latte bottles and maybe other coffee themed decorations... Umm if this helps my interests are: texting, computers, Harry Potter, music, books, fashion, purses/shoes etc... yeah I'm not really girly but I would like a cake that is a little girly but NOT pink. And I'm a girl.. Let me know if you can think of one and maybe where I could get one from. Thanks! :)


My son is really into Harry Potter too and we are making him a golden snitch cake using Wilton's ball cake pan. He also suggested making a Gryffindor house crest out of a sheet cake. Hope you find the perfect cake for you. :)


Do all your guests like coffee? If so, mocha cake would be fun. Have a chocolate cake made with half-water and half-coffee, and then have it iced with chocolate icing made with coffee as part of the liquid.

If your guests do not all like coffee, try a half & half cake: half of it is the mocha cake and the other half is yellow or white cake with cinnamon-vanilla icing.

Of course, you could skip the coffee flavor entirely and do a chocolate or yellow cake (or a layer of each) with cinnamon-vanilla icing. That would be unusual and still palatable to most of your guests. I like the cinnamon-vanilla icing because the cinnamon helps cut the plain overpowering sweetness of most icings.

Hey i think you should have a coloured cake with harry potter surrounded by books :)

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