Throwing teenage daughter a surprise party. Help Please!?!

Question: Throwing teenage daughter a surprise party. Help Please!?
So here's some basic info, I want to throw my daughter a surprise birthday party.Her 17th birthday is next week. She said she wanted to have a party and I told her we'll see. She would never expect a surprise party. I would rather do it not this coming weekend, but next. So I could kind of put off things so she would be thinking she isn't having a party. And I would have more time to plan things and get more money for a party. (No really expensive ideas like a dj please) & she really wouldn't expect a party to be a week after her birthday. She really loves this camp ground that is pretty close. And she mentioned if she had a party she would want it to be there. It has a beach, so they could swim and I thought about renting a pavilion, I was thinking about having a barbeque and making her a topsy turvy cake. For decorations, I don't want them to be too "little kid" looking. Most of her friends are older than her & I wouldn't want anything that looks silly to embarrass her. Any ideas for decorations? And to let all her friends know about the party I thought about just contacting them through facebook. She just graduated last month (she was home schooled) & the family is very proud and we want to surprise her. How would we get her to the party without it being obvious she's having a party, I would have to be there early to set everything up. Should I get her friends to make it seem like they are just going swimming there? What should they do for activities? Also, we had a savings account set up for after she finished school we could get her a car. We would like to give her the car as a present at her party, when would be the right time to give her the car? I don't know too much about parties, and she hasn't had a party since she was 13 so I don't know what to do for her at 17. Thanks for any ideas!!!!!


This was hard to read since it wass justa run on sentance.

However. I thikn you are off to the right start. Get her friends in on it for sure. They could tell her they want to go hang out,as a combo congrats deal and just for some friend time.

The BBQ is a great idea. Don; do Just burgers though. Do sausages, chicken breasts. You could slow cook ribs that morning or the day before then toss them on the grill to warm them up and add a little flavor.

Also corn on the cob or grilled veggies would be Great. Also with pasta or potato salads and so on.

Decorations. Simply take the streamer rolls in her fave colors and decorate the edges of a few tables.Plates, naplins and even plastic silver wear in the colors that work with it.

I woudn;t p;an activitues. Just set up an Ipod with some speakers and play her favorite music. Bring along a frisbee, some balls and so on just in case they want to play some games.

You can also pick bid Badmitten sets pretty cheap that can be set up pretty much anywhere.

You could have the car parcked at the park. And wrap the keys. I would do them in a larger box than what they really fit in. It would be more fun that way.

Invite Pedo bear, then throw a bon fire! Bon fires are relaxing, and she will be able to spend time at the beach too.

Invite Mr P. Dough Bear. I'm the life of any young persons party.

Well, getting her there shouldn't be too hard. Get a couple of the friends she hangs out with a lot to ask her to go swimming out there ahead of time. This way YOU don't get her there, she's just going out with friends for the day. That morning your excuse for not being home could be anything from shopping to visiting a friend. I wouldn't worry much about decorations... a few helium birthday balloons anchored to the center of the picnic table is probably plenty. Gathering with her friends will mean more than decorations will. BBQ is good, teens love burgers and bbq chicken, etc. As for the car... have someone park it in the driveway after she leaves with her friends and put a couple balloons or a banner on it so she will see it when she gets home. That should be a special present between parents and daughter... not at the beach with all the other excitement going on. Good luck :)

For a 17 year olds birthday party, it's tough to figure out activities. I would skip that part and let them decide during the party. They tend to just all hang out and chat and they will be swimming. You don't want to embarrass her.
Since it is outside, you can do a luau theme, there are some cute decorations and they aren't kiddy looking. You could also just go for a typical all out barbeque. Get red and white checkered table cloths and stuff like that.

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