Do you think cinnamon and chocolate go together?!

Question: Do you think cinnamon and chocolate go together?
Do you think cinnamon and chocolate would go together?
I have never cooked with cinnamon before and I just thought it might be a bit fun to add cinnamon to choc chip cookies :)
And do you think I should use white or milk chocolate chips?
I don't have plain or dark chocolate...


Yeah its great! I made them before for a party and everyone loved them. I used plain chocolate, but I think since you don't have it then milk chocolate would be a better option.

Yes, it does. In fact, it is a very Central/South America thing. I think the Aztecs used to drink cocoa with cinnamon in.

I would go with a little ground cinnamon and white chocolate chips.

I'm cinnamon's best friend, yes, I think cinnamon and chocolate go together. Just know that a little cinnamon goes a long way

Yes sure it does ! I love cinnamon and every time i do a chocolate cake i put some !
Concerning the chocolate I would choose milk chocolate as well .

Bon appétit !

Use milk chocolate, and cinnamon goes great with chocolate!

Personally, I don't like the combination but some people think it's okay.

Yes, they go great together. :-)

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